The Lodge Series

  • Jacuzzi LodgeJacuzzi Lodge - Built in

    Jacuzzi Lodge

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    Mission: hospitality.
    Goal achieved.

    A product created for the hospitality sector

    Lodge is the Jacuzzi® spa dedicated to holidays parks, glamping sites, hotels and holiday villages. In other words, it has been designed to be used frequently and in good company. Its minimalist design perfectly complements any garden, terrace, relaxation area
    or beach.

  • Lodge L

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    Lodge L Hot Tub

    5 ergonomic seats provide a comfortable place for your guests to sit and relax whilst an additional lounge seat allows another guest to fully immerse themselves in the water, Lodge L provides hydrotherapy for between 5 and 6 people, making it ideal for larger holiday homes.

  • Lodge S

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    Lodge S Hot Tub

    For ease of use Lodge S features an intuitive, easy to use control panel ensuring your guests can jump in and enjoy their hot tub experience sooner. The Lodge S features built in LED lighting which provides a premium look and feel to any surroundings whilst a regenerating effect in the water.

    Lodge S is suitable for both freestanding and built in installations and is available in three different versions, each of which deliver a unique hydrotherapy experience to your guests. Designed to provide constant efficiency the Winter Pro Kit further insulates the hot tub to help reduce operating costs.