How to choose a hot tub

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How to choose a hot tub

How to choose a hot tub

Whether you are looking to unwind after a busy day at work, treat tired muscles after intensive training, or invest in a showpiece hot tub for social events, there is a hot tub out there for everyone. The key is finding the right one for you.  

We have put together some considerations for you to make to help you find your dream hot tub match.


What do I want from my hot tub experience?

Am I looking for pain relief, time with friends and family, or relaxation?

The right hot tub can help you enjoy all of these things, but different features cater specifically to different needs.

From jet placement to seat contour, there are numerous options, each with varying purposes and benefits.



Who will be using my hot tub?

Size matters. Who is going to be soaking in the spa? How many seats do I need? What kind?Will it just be me or will this be a social space for quality time with my family?


What jets do I need?

Are you looking for general wellbeing or do you have specific hydromassage needs?

Look for the variety rather than the number of jets. More jets don’t make for a better hydromassage but the right jets do. The Jacuzzi® PowerPro jets collection offer the perfect mix of water, air, and placement to deliver the best massage in the industry.



Design is important. How will your hot tub fit with your current home / garden arrangements? Is it to be a standalone feature? Does it need to be in-ground?


Where should I put my hot tub?


Before buying your dream hot tub, it is important to consider its installation.
Is there enough space? Remember you need space to get in and out. Will anyone with mobility issues be using it? If so, you will want a little extra space for their access.
Do you want an indoor or outdoor hot tub? If outdoors, will there be a suitable walkway so grass and mud don’t spoil your bubble time? If indoors, do you have the right ventilation considered?
Where are my hot tubs power and water sources and drainage going to be?
Is the ground suitable? If it is going to be on decking, is it suitably reinforced?


Quality and cost

Not all hot tubs are created equal.

The right hot tub is an investment in the health and wellbeing of you and your family. The starting point has to be quality you can have confidence in.

60 years of innovation and experience means Jacuzzi® has no rivals when it comes to hot tub quality. They are the reliable, unbeatable, high-standard setting authority. Whether socialising, healing, mental wellness, or making an impact in your garden, there is a Jacuzzi® hot tub for every space that you can rely on to perform and last, giving you the dream Jacuzzi® experience that you are after.

There is a reason why quality is worth investing in. Not only do you get a superior massage experience, customised solutions, and luxurious design, but you get reliability, sparing you the nightmare of the ongoing repair and maintenance costs associated with cheaper hot tubs.

From the Jacuzzi® J-200 Classic collection which offers value, quality and reliability to its J-500 Luxury collection, there is a Jacuzzi® hot tub perfect for you and your budget.

Your budget does not have to impact your hot tub dream. At Powerpools, our knowledge of the products as well as the 0% finance options available means we can help you find the right balance of quality and affordability for you.


We can help

We are your West Wales Jacuzzi® experts. Whether you now know exactly what you want from your hot tub or still need some personal and professional guidance to help, get in touch.

With our experience and expertise, not only will you find the best quality Jacuzzi® hot tubs but you will also have the satisfaction and reassurance of outstanding service right through from selecting the right hot tub through to installation and aftersales advice and care. We are and will be here for you.

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